At the turn of the twentieth century, Spiritualism and séances are all the rage—even in the scholarly town of Cambridge, England. While mediums dupe the grief-stricken, a group of local fringe scientists seeks to bridge the gap to the spirit world by investigating the...

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Filming in Cambridge and . . . running away with the Circus!

Last weekend was all work and no play in Cambridge. Of course, it's always uplifting to be in the midst of such gorgeous surroundings, but we are not professional filmmakers by any means, so making a promo video for THE DARK BETWEEN took a lot of patience, creativity,...

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The Writing Barn

Last weekend I ventured south to Austin, TX (with the lovely Bettina Restrepo as my traveling partner) to attend Sara Zarr's Advanced Writing Workshop on Emotional Pacing at the Writing Barn. What an amazing experience! Thought I'd share some photos (click to enlarge)...

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I've been watching this meme go around, thinking it would be fun to do, but deadlines and commitments kept me from joining in. Recently, however, my friend Doug Solter tagged me again (here's his entry), and this time I couldn't refuse. It's always fun to talk about...

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October event recap

I'm behind on EVERYTHING, but that won't stop me from sharing three October event photos.1. A visit to Choctaw High School! Librarian Theresa Kluge, the cooperating teachers, and all the students made me feel very welcome. Please note the GHOSTLY ORBS in the above...

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Friday Favorites: I CAPTURE THE CASTLE and journaling

My hardcover editionDodie Smith's I Capture the Castle ranks among my top ten favorite books. Along with brilliant writing, it features the sort of characters and plot elements that make me giddy: -- a brainy, bookish girl who wants to be a writer -- a ramshackle...

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All the lovely creepy things

Sorry it's been rather quiet here on the blog lately. My days have been all about writing/revising, with occasional breaks for DVD viewing to feed the muse. This morning I turned in a final draft of my next book, The Dark Between, and I've been told it's going...

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Nice things

-- First, I wish to link you to Caroline Starr Rose's blog series on Navigating a Debut Year. I freely admit that I went a little wacko (okay, a lot wacko) during the debut of The Revenant, and thus her resolutions resonated quite powerfully with me. (And her gorgeous...

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Lake retreat

This past weekend my writing group escaped to Lake Tenkiller for our annual retreat.As usual, the camaraderie and scenery were uplifting.Our focus for the retreat was author platform, a topic which has long given me the heebie jeebies. (What does it mean? How do I...

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Big weekend

Exciting things happened this past Saturday night, and they did NOT involve being swept away by a tornado, thank goodness.The Revenant won the Oklahoma Book Award for YA! I was given a medal. (!!!) And I made a little speech. A speech in which I forgot to thank the...

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Started the day in a foul, hopeless mood. Things improved when I alternated writing/revision with tea cabinet rearranging. Huzzah!Got rid of lots of tea I hadn't touched for years and hopefully made things more accessible, just in time for a visit from dear friend and...

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I'm speaking at the Oklahoma Writing Project Spring Celebration for Students and Teachers tomorrow. On Friday it's the Oklahoma Library Association Annual Conference, and on Saturday I'll be hanging out with all the fine folks at the Society for Children's Writers and...

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Mountain retreat

Last week I joined 10 other writers for a retreat in Black Mountain, NC. Here's a quick photo essay of the highlights:Gorgeous scenery!Wooded walksSunset viewsCozy writing corners Dinner table chatsIndie bookstore events (photo shamelessly stolen from Malaprops'...

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Travel and inspiration

On Monday I returned from a 9 day road trip, most of which I spent with family in Tennessee. What a whirlwind! Actually, I enjoy long driving trips on my own, partly for the opportunity to listen to books on CD (this time it was Michelle Cooper's A Brief History of...

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