Salem photo recap

May 2, 2011

Left Boston at 3:40 yesterday and got home at 2 AM thanks to a stupid storm cell that decided to hang out north of Dallas all day and evening. (Actually, I think it’s still hovering there.)

But I’m not here to grouse. I want to share some photos from Salem! (If you prefer to view this on Livejournal, go here.)

As I mentioned earlier, I joined Kim Harrington and Maurissa Guibord at the New England Chapter of the Romance Writers of America conference in Salem, MA this past weekend. I hope to share actual conference intel later this weekend, but this post is mostly a picspam. Yay!

(Click photos to embiggen.)

The Salem Inn is comprised of three separate buildings. I stayed at the Curwen House. My room had a creepy look to it, but if there was a presence there, it was entirely benign. Nothing spooky happened, and I’m mostly okay with that!

On Friday Kim and I visited the Salem Witch Trials Memorial and The Old Burying Point, the oldest cemetery in Salem and the second oldest in the country (started in 1637).

This was my favorite combination of carved skeleton/angel images.

For lunch Kim and I met up with Ellen and Christiana (+ Ellen’s two youngest girls) for lunch at Capt’s Waterfront Grill & Pub. I feel like I’ve known these ladies FOREVER, but this was the first time I’d actually met them in person. (I hope it’s not the last!) Had a great time — could have chatted with them all day long.

During our rambles around Salem, Kim and I ran across Salem’s Vintage Photography and decided we HAD to get Maurissa to join us for a witchy photo shoot. Maurissa, being awesomely cool, agreed without hesitation.

You may remember the photo I posted on Friday. Well, there were scads of photos in all, and Kim posted the best ones on her Facebook author page for everyone in the world to see. I’ll only share a sampling here:

I just love Kim’s expression in this one, and Maurissa is doing such a nice job holding the crow. Can you tell what I’m holding? Probably not — that blob is a black cat.

Crystal ball woo woo!


Now we’re FALLING!
(This one cracks me up every time.)

“Witches? What are you talking about? We are very serious authors at a conference banquet.”

Another serious author photo.

On Sunday, Kim kindly dropped me off at my friend Pam’s house. Pam, along with her husband and daughter, treated me to a scrumptious tea before taking me to the airport. It was wonderful fun! I’m so looking forward to this summer when they come to Oxford for a visit — can’t wait to share all the delights with them.

What a weekend! Hope to get caught up on sleep today.

P.S. It was very interesting to watch Obama’s statement + all the Osama Bin Laden reportage at the airport last night. If things had gone as planned, I probably would have been asleep and missed it all.

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