Postcards from Wonderland

Jul 28, 2014 |

We returned from Lyme Regis yesterday, but I’ll save those details for a post later this week. For now I want to share photos from last Wednesday when the clever Brasenose conference organizers put together a Mad Hatter Tea Party for all the conference groups. Attendees were encouraged to dress up in their maddest hats, or in pretty much anything related to Alice in Wonderland.

A few of our students (shown here with members of the Brasenose crew on either end) took this as a challenge.

But I was even more impressed by the amazing treats!

No matter which way you turned, there was something fun and/or delicious to tempt you.

My hat was not very “mad” at all, but Steve got as creative as he could at the last moment. The ears are part of a zebra headband from Claire’s (yes, they have those little jewelry/accessories stores here, too). Can you guess what the blue and white knitted part is? Because it certainly wasn’t meant to be a hat!

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