July Tea and a Mountain Getaway

Jul 28, 2021 |

How I love to walk a wooded path!

Last week Steve and I celebrated our 30th anniversary with three nights in Park City, Utah. We had great weather for our hiking and ultimately managed about 30 miles and 209 floors climbed. Though we did run into other hikers and several mountain bikers on the paths, we also–once or twice–were fortunate to enjoy that sublime sensation of being the only humans in the forest, with the squirrels, chipmunks, and the occasional deer as our companions.

Click here for my Flickr Album of mountain scenery.

The hiking was my favorite part, but we also had a fine time during our visits to Park City’s Main Street, where we found great food and shopping. In particular, I enjoyed our sojourn at Atticus Coffee, Books & Teahouse, where I had a gorgeous iced chai. It was so yummy that as soon as we got home I had to place an order at their online store, which I enthusiastically recommend to my tea-loving friends! Below you see the chai I enjoyed at Atticus AND the steamed version I made at home. (Both with almond milk.) I tried to replicate the sprinkling of cardamom, sugar, and rose petals. There’s something really lovely about inhaling a subtle whiff of roses with each sip of tea. (I found my dried petals at Amazon.)

What happened to Tea and a BOOK?

No novel to recommend this month, at least not one that ties into the mountain theme. I did enjoy Katherine Center’s What You Wish For after a bumpy start, and am currently reading something so different and so lovely that I’m certain it will be featured next month. Stay tuned!

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