Apr 27, 2011

No TV Tuesday yesterday, partly because I’m behind on my shows, but mostly because I’m gearing up for a trip to Salem, Masschusetts!

Early tomorrow I fly to Boston, where I will meet up with fellow Elevensie Kim Harrington. From there we drive to Salem for the 17th Annusal Conference of the New England Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, where we will join Maurissa Guibord for writerly hijinks. I’m so EXCITED to be attending my first Romance Writers conference — I know I will learn so much.

Exciting bonus: I finally get to meet LJ buddies Ellen and Pam. Yay!

Oh, and I’ll be staying in a haunted hotel. Rest assured I will vlog any paranormal activity. (Or maybe I’ll just have a heart attack instead.)

Stay tuned for a full report early next week!

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