Giveaways and rainy days

Mar 20, 2012

Congrats to Alisha — her number came up in my final ARC giveaway! Thanks so much to everyone who entered. I truly appreciated all the book recs.

And I wish to extend a warm welcome to all my new Twitter and blog followers. 🙂

Yesterday was gloomy with rain and thunder, which was perfect for revising a Gothic mystery. The sky cleared a bit that night, as you’ll see . . .

This was how it looked at 8:00 pm when Steve and I took a walk. The Oklahoma sky never ceases to amaze me.

And here’s our cat, waiting faithfully in the window for our return. On nights when we have the windows open, he’ll hear our voices before he sees us, and he’ll meow us home (just in case we’ve forgotten where we live).

ETA: I’ve been listening to The Attenbury Emeralds, the latest Peter and Harriet Wimsey book by Jill Paton Walsh, and it’s so good! The hardcover has been languishing on my shelf for ages, but when I learned Edward Petherbridge read the audio, I downloaded that right away. Now I’m chomping at the bit to continue, but I don’t have any long driving trips in the near future. I just adore his reading, and the mystery is suprisingly good considering that half of it is told by Peter and Bunter as the family is relaxing around the house or at a tea shop. (There’s so much TEA DRINKING, you guys!) I’m getting giddy just thinking about it. (And I was very gratified to see all the starred reviews after I’d already decided I loved it.) As soon as I’m done listening I might just go back and read the book (because my mind tends to wander as I listen, particularly when I’m mooning over Peter). And then I’ll start up with STRONG POISON, or perhaps even go back to the very beginning with WHOSE BODY? *joy*

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