Wednesday randoms

Oct 5, 2011

Two giveaways to tell you about:
— At Confessions of a Bookaholic I talk about my “haunted childhood” and you get a chance to win one of four copies of The Revenant, kindly provided by Random House. Wahoo!

— My Oklahoma friend Jenna Klein interviews me at Fans of Fiction and offers up a signed copy of The Revenant. Yay!

— My pal Brandi Barnett has alerted me to the existence of Out of Print clothing and goodies. Check out their mission. I purchased the Pride & Prejudice sweatshirt and the Brave New World t-shirt and felt smug on many levels. (A nice sort of smug, though, right? Is there such a thing?)

— Tomorrow I drive down to Dallas for some shopping the NE/NC Texas SCBWI fall conference. I plan to get INSPIRED! And hopefully meet some new people, if I can crawl out of my shell.

— I was also hoping to see Dream House this weekend, but sounds like it’s pretty lame. In better news, American Horror Story starts tonight, and though I missed the premiere I will get caught up with Bedlam very soon. Maybe October won’t be a total loss for creeptastic viewing?

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