TV Tuesday — a look at fall shows

Sep 6, 2011

Old friends . . . and new?

Returning favorites:
Inspector Lewis (PBS) — The new series already started this past Sunday with an episode that made me LONG to re-read Dorothy Sayers’ GAUDY NIGHT. Lewis is not a perfect show, but it’s almost always satisfying AND provides a sorely needed Oxford fix. (Also, don’t forget Case Histories, which premieres 10/16.)

Fringe (FOX 9/23) — according to exec producer Jeff Pinkner, “the season is a love letter to the show and fans” (as quoted in Entertainment Weekly). I just want to know what the HECK they’re going to do about YOU KNOW WHO.

The Good Wife (CBS 9/25) — I am, of course, eager to see what unfolds after last season’s finale . . .

The Walking Dead (AMC 10/16) — this show has been on haitus so long that I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm. A lot of it, actually. And yet . . . I’d still like to know what happens next.

I’ll invest some time in these newbies:
Ringer (CW 9/20) — How can you not love Sarah Michelle Gellar? And Ioan Gruffudd? (Jason Dohring joining the cast was icing, baby.)

Bedlam (BBCAmerica 10/1) — haunted apartment building in England? OF COURSE I’m going to watch. I’m intrigued that Neil Jones, a writer for Blue Murder (a fave of mine) is co-creator/writer.

American Horror Story (FX 10/5) — this second ghostly offering, labled a “psychosexual thriller” (???), was promoted by EW as one of the best new shows of the fall season. Who’s with me on this one?

New shows I might try:
Person of Interest (CBS 9/22) — it’s a J.J. Abrams thing, but CBS’s preview video left me a little cold. Too much speechifying from Michael Emerson.

Prime Suspect (I’m not linking to website because is so ANNOYING 9/22) — I’m a huge fan of the Helen Mirren version. HUGE. Not sure if the writing will be as appealing in this American . . . reboot? Re-imagining? What carries over from the original, I wonder?

Terra Nova (FOX 9/26) — I like Jason O’Mara a lot, but this one might be a little too busy.

OH, and I still need to procure and watch Justified season 2. Yee haw! Plenty of TV options to satisfy this addict. 🙂

Will you be watching any of the above?

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