Today’s the day!

Jun 14, 2011

(a.k.a. “the post of many exclamation points”)

THE REVENANT is officially out there in the world!

Lot’s of stuff to share with you today . . . First off, I kept track of all your comments during my Five Weeks to The Revenant giveaway series, and the two winners of finished copies of THE REVENANT (chosen by are:

Safari Poet and Tristan!!!!

Congrats to them, and THANK YOU to all who entered. You are wonderful!

There are still lots of opportunites to win a copy of THE REVENANT:

☞ Go to my Elevensies Lunch and Launch post and comment.

☞ Go to Saundra Mitchell’s LJ post or website and enter to win it along with other fabulous books.

☞ Go to Adventures in Publishing and enter to win it AND a whole slew of wonderful books.

[Please let me know if you have a giveaway, and I’ll list it here.]

OH! And I want to point out this interview with Fantastic Fiction — I had such a blast with it! And there’s also this fun interview with CLARITY’s Fern Family, as transcribed by Kim Harrington. Hee!

Now, to conclude, I present you THE REVENANT trailer from VLC productions!

Deliciously creepy!

Thank you for celebrating with me!

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