Three things on a Thursday

Sep 29, 2011

1. Apologies to those who already saw it on my Facebook or Twitter feed, but I have to share this review of The Revenant at A Chair, A Fireplace and A Tea Cozy*.

(*Best. Blog title. EVER.)

I try not to post about reviews too often, but this one made me weepy because she really seemed to get what my editor and I worked so hard to convey about the protagonist. She also articulated something that made me see the story in a new way, which is very cool. I am soooo grateful to Liz Burns for featuring the book on her blog! (BTW, the review does contain spoilers, but she gives plenty of warning.)

2. The second part of this post was bascially going to be me navel-gazing about whether I suffer the right way for my art, but . . . GAH that’s ridiculous! Who cares? I think the bottom line is that I need to: a) take more risks and b) practice learned optimism (as explained by my dear friend Lisa Marotta). What’s really got to stop is the constant flailing over all my inadequacies. That is NOT the productive way to suffer for your art!

3. Looking forward to a fun weekend with friends. It was especially exciting to load Lola and the Boy Next Door and The Name of the Star on my kindle. Yay! Trying to decide whether or not to take my computer. We could probably use a break from each other . . .

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