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Sonia Gensler

Sonia Gensler is the award-winning author of Ghostlight, The Dark Between and The Revenant, all from Alfred A. Knopf/Random House Kids. Weird and dreamy from birth, Sonia grew up in a small Tennessee town and ran with a dangerous pack of band and drama geeks. As an adult she experimented with a variety of impractical professions—museum interpreter, historic home director, bookseller, and perpetual graduate student—before finally deciding to share her passion for stories through teaching. Sonia taught literature and writing to young adults for ten years and still thinks fondly of her days in the classroom. She currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and cat.

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Sonia Gensler

Further Odds and Ends...

TRAVEL—I hate flying but love to travel. You'll find many travel photos at my Flickr page. Check back for updates.

TEA—I couldn't live without it, and I'm obsessed with the ritual of afternoon tea. If you're looking for a good tea room in your area, TeaMap or TeaGuide can point you in the right direction. If you want to purchase high quality loose leaf tea online, I highly recommend the Cultured Cup—they carry a wide selection of Mariage Freres teas. You also can't go wrong with Adagio Teas or Harney & Sons. If you'd like to educate yourself further about tea, I'd suggest getting your hands on The New Tea Companion by Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson.

READING—I track my reads at Goodreads. Click here for a list of my all-time favorite books (and check back for updates).

WRITING & PUBLISHING—I'm still fairly new to this industry, but I will say that finishing a manuscript is the first major hurdle on the path to publication. After you finish, you must revise, revise, revise. If you're looking for an agent, it's best to do your research—see my tips on getting an agent for suggestions and links. Join national and local writers' organizations, attend conferences, and read industry-related discussion boards & blogs. As for the craft of writing, I don't have any magical tidbits of advice because I still have much to learn myself. I can tell you this—those folks who told me to read everything I could find in my genre were right on the money.

FANGIRLING—I get obsessed with (and inspired by) films and TV shows, and I've even been known to attend fan conventions. Here's some evidence for your fannish enjoyment:

Sonia Gensler