Feb 1, 2011


Everything is shut down. Husband and cat are sleeping in. Seems the perfect opportunity to ramble on about my weekend at NY SCBWI.

Despite the earlier snow storm in NYC, our Friday flights were all on time and we made it to the hotel quickly enough, but there were no cabs available once I’d freshened up. So I had a 25 minute walk through the slush (& the craziness of Broadway) to see my editor. It’s always a bit mind-boggling to walk into the Random House building. (I wish I’d had the guts to take a photo, but I’m so afraid of getting yelled at.) Anyway, I chatted with Michelle and lots of cool people in the Knopf office AND snagged an ARC of the The Penderwicks at Point Mouette (Eeeee!). After that, Michelle and I went for tea and a snack. Lovely!

That night I met up with Agent Jenn and two more clients, Tiffany Trent and Margie Gelbwasser, for dinner at Metrazur in Grand Central Station. There was so much gabbing and laughing that I forgot to take photos. Good times! Later we went to Kidlit Drinks night, where I got to catch up a bit with the wonderful Shana Silver.

On Saturday it was so nice to hang out with Tiffany Trent, Kathleen Foucart, and Jessica Spotswood — they are such charming and lovely ladies!

Not sure why this photo turned out so red, but this is Mary Kole, Sara Zarr, and me. I am such a fangirl for National Book Award finalist and generally awesome Sara Zarr! Really, I was quivering with glee to meet her (and this was before her amazing keynote speech.) As I was standing next to her for the photo I said “You are so tiny!” Now, in Southern girl speech, this means “you are so slim and fit!” but I realize she might have interpreted it as “you are a little gnome!” or “you are too skinny!” She is a petite woman, but not miniscule by any means. I really wish I could control my blurts. 🙁

JC Geiger, Bryan Bliss and Mary Kole before the Saturday luncheon. RL Stine was the keynote speaker and he had us howling!

Saturday night was date night with Steve. Here we are looking over the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink. Love to see the pairs holding hands.

Me, sprinkled with snow. I got several fat flakes right in the eye that night.

Tea at The Morgan Library on Sunday. We saw Jane Austen’s letters last year, and this year I had to go again to see the Diary Exhibit — in particular, this portion from one of Charlotte Bronte’s journals. As it turned out, my favorite piece within the exhibit was a page from Kingsley Amis’s journal in which he 1) writes a poem, 2) comes back later and rants about how terrible the poem is, 3) adds a later note in which he’s glad he doesn’t feel so negative anymore, and 4) if I remember correctly, yet another note about how he quite likes the poem now. It was charming.

Okay, so that’s about it! It was a great trip, I must say.

Now to breakfast . . .

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