Last minute things . . .

Jul 6, 2011

First off, I wanted to remind you to watch Zen on Masterpiece Mystery starting July 17. Entertainment Weekly calls it “PBS’ best mystery import in years.”

It figures that Rufus Sewell, one of my favorite imaginary boyfriends, would make a critically acclaimed appearance on American TV the week after I leave for the UK. Oh well, that’s what DVRs are for.

And now, a few photos from my signing at the Clarksville, TN Borders this past Sunday:

Me and my 94-year-old grandmother, Ruby. Like I said on Facebook, she was a writer long before I was born! It was so lovely to have her there.

My dad’s family — my brother Ernest, husband Steve, me, Dad, his wife Jing, and my stepsister Dionne (a.k.a. “Dr. Peacher” – yay!).

My mom’s family — my brother Jason, Ernest, Mom, me, sister Heather, and the little ones are my darling nieces Samantha and Shelby.

My ex-stepmother Rosemary and her charming friend, Kim.

Childhood friends! Glenda, me, Leigh and DeAnne. Michelle arrived later, and we all had a chance to sit and chat. Perfect ending to a really nice event.

I was so pleased to see so many friends and family members (as well as family members of friends) at the signing. Fellow Elevensie Victoria Schwab made an appearance, bearing a gift of the most delicious cake pops I’ve ever eaten. Thanks, V! Also met book blogger Shannon. Hooray!

Thanks to everyone for making it a very special day for me.

Finally, I wanted to remind the writers out there that Novel Novice is hosting a fabulous ghost story writing contest (sort of like ghostly “flash fiction”), in which copies of The Revenant are being offered as prizes. Check it out here.

Okay . . . next time I’ll be writing from Oxford!

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