Haunted Seminary Tour

Oct 31, 2011

This past Friday I met up with pals Brandi, Martha and Karen for the Haunted Seminary Tours in Tahlequah. I was scheduled to do a reading, accompany the first tour and sign books, but it felt more like a visit to an old friend than an “author appearance.” Now that it’s behind me, I can tell you that returning to the setting of The Revenant on a dark and chilly October night was the perfect way to celebrate Halloween!

How can you not love Seminary Hall in all her spooktacular evening glory? To those familiar with the book — Willie’s room is in the right turret, second floor. We had to laugh because the lights were on, but on the wrong side. And yet, do you notice a funky light in Willie’s window? Or is that just me? (Click to embiggen) I know the right turret was completely dark when I took this picture.

Karen, Brandi and Martha admire Seminary Hall at night. So atmospheric! (Notice statue of Sequoyah behind them.)

Posing with Martha and Karen (& the book!).

Marie Madison, graduate student in English at Northeastern State University, was my contact for this event. Proceeds from the Haunted Seminary Tours enable NSU grad students to attend professional conferences and present papers. As a former starving grad student, I’m all for that!


Okay, maybe it was just a flash effect, but Brandi (& others) heard ghostly typewriter sounds on the third floor. Apparently, many of the hauntings at Seminary Hall are auditory.

This is my favorite part — I remembered it well from the first tour I attended over 2 years ago. Our guide shared the story of a professor who was alone on the third floor and heard someone running up and down the hall, but she could never catch the offender. Apparently, this is one of the most common auditory hauntings. Years ago, when the wiring above the drop ceiling was getting an upgrade, these footprints were discovered on the original plaster ceiling. Aren’t they creepy? Is this a ghostly residue of the primaries who once ran up and down the halls?


(I will announce the winner of the signed copies of BLOOD MAGIC, HEREAFTER, and THE REVENANT later today!)

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