Friday Five of Random

Aug 27, 2010

1. FOOD: Last week I had a whole pile of black bananas and no eggs for banana bread. With Deleilan‘s assistance, I made a vegan version that was delicious. (Email me if you want the recipe — I don’t think she’d mind.) Once I obtained some eggs, I made these banana muffins (thanks to Caerwyn) that pretty much knocked my socks off. YUM!

2. FILM: There’s going to be a film of Susan Hill’s THE WOMAN IN BLACK starring Daniel Radcliffe! I’m sure this will be deliciously gothic and creepy. (I’ve never seen any of the TV adaptations — have you?)

3. BOOKS: after allowing myself an afternoon to celebrate/mourn the completion of the Hunger Games trilogy, I moved on to Kate Atkinson’s fourth Jackson Brodie book, Started Early, Took My Dog. The UK edition has one of the most gorgeous covers I’ve ever seen! And it’s thoroughly engrossing in its meandering, stream-of-consciousness way. I’m trying to make it last because I let Steve take my copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with him to Colorado. (What was I thinking?)

4. PETS: Yesterday was National Dog Day, and Jama Rattigan celebrated with children’s authors here. Just so you know, National Cat Day is October 29. Cat lovers need to represent, so put it on your calendar!

5. MUSIC: Those of you who came of age in the 80s might find this interesting: a Then and Now montage of music artists. Some folks are holding up well, while some . . . not so much. Do you see any of your old crushes? 🙂

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