Friday Five of Fun and Magic

Sep 10, 2010

1. In case you didn’t see me EXCLAIMING ABOUT IT all over the place yesterday (like a crazy fool), I finally got permission to share my cover for THE REVENANT. Here it is. Thanks for celebrating with me!

2. Tomorrow I will be sharing tips on getting an agent at the Oklahoma SCBWI Fall conference. If you’re reading this and you attended my “Schmooze” talk on the same topic a few months ago, I will have new material. Oh, and big thanks go out to the Elevensies who donated their queries for my presentation. *smooch*

3. I needed a little extra magic for my presentation, so yesterday I went on the hunt for a new pair of shoes to jazz up my look. So many ladies have been working the red shoes lately that I had to get my own pair. Here they are. And here’s an an action shot, so to speak. They’re slightly old-ladyish, but also foxy. Silver-foxy?

4. Speaking of magic, I am listening to Sara Bareilles‘ new CD Kaleidoscope Heart. She is my #1 girl-crush! Would love to see her in concert again, but I’m afraid Steve would stow away on her tour bus and I’d never see him again.

5. Even more magic: I love this interview of L.K. Madigan by Jaclyn Dolamore. Lots of Mermaid-y goodness AND a giveaway. Please do go check it out — you might win something fabulous. And don’t forget that L.K.’s The Mermaid’s Mirror will be released on October 4th!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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