Friday Five of fall color

Nov 12, 2010

Our fall color is just about at its peak right now, and though central Oklahoma isn’t exactly known for autumnal beauty, I still found a few nice shots to share with you.

The young maple in front of our house. I deliberately shot into the sun because I liked the way the light peeks through the leaves.

Pumpkins on our front patio. This is the first year my crepe myrtles have had such fine color — perhaps because someone finally told me I was overwatering them? Notice the neighbor’s yellow tree across the street.

Now for a change of pace . . . some photos I took last weekend on the OU campus.

A tree across the street from the law school. Steve sees this one from his office window and takes cheer!

These trees haven’t really turned, but it’s always nice when the fall mums are planted on campus!

Two (or three?) ash trees mingle their leaves.

Happy weekend to all!

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