Friday Five — it’s FINALLY October

Oct 1, 2010

Back to the usual randomness . . .

1. Maurissa Guibord’s Haunted House Tour 2010 begins today! Creepy tales and prizes will be featured throughout the month of October. Do check it out — if you dare!

2. Don’t forget to nominate your favorite Children’s and YA books for the 2010 Cybils. (I must add this to my ‘to-do’ list immediately.)

3. I recently re-read I Capture the Castle and couldn’t resist reviewing it for Book End Babes. Oh, how I love this novel! Have you re-read anything wonderful lately?

4. I’ve finished a draft of my manuscript. (!!!) It’s rather ugly in places (I mean, REALLY patchy and frequently ridiculous), but I still count it a decent start at 76k words. Since I tend to underwrite first drafts, I fear the final product will be the longest thing I’ve ever written.

5. After I get back from my workout (bleh) I’m going to celebrate and unwind by watching last night’s Fringe and Vampire Diaries, perhaps also indulging in an instant viewing of I Capture the Castle on Netflix. Tomorrow it’s back to the salt mines as I return to the beginning of the ms and start revising. (I really want to get this to my crit partners by the middle of the month.)

What are your plans for the weekend?

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