Friday Five

Sep 17, 2010

1. WriteOnCon. This amazing online writing conference needs your help! Browse the various offerings and comment on those you’d like to win. Comment here to win a critique from me and an ARC of The Revenant when it becomes available. Multiply your entries by making a small donation.You have until Sunday, September 26, at noon (EST) to comment/donate! (Remember, you don’t HAVE to donate, but doing so will increase your chances of winning AND will help a great online resource continue its fabulous work! Oh, and don’t worry — they are suggesting small donations.)

2. My home office. We’ve been working on this room for four years, adding a few pieces here and there when we could scrounge up the money. Our final two pieces — a 5th bookcase (!!!) and a hutch — arrived Wednesday. After lots of heavy lifting, sorting, and cleaning, here’s the result:


I am so happy with how it all turned out. But a word of warning — black bookcases collect dust like crazy. Yeah, you probably already knew that. Well, imagine what it’s like when you add a white cat into the mix! My Swiffer duster just can’t keep up.

3. A relic of my past. Look what I found when cleaning out the office closet: an old-timey photo of me in my late-teens with Steve (who looks 12). My hair is just sad, but at least I had a tan back then!

4. Book squee. As soon as I finish The Children’s Book (which is good, but so LONG), I will dive into Y.S. Ling’s The Body at the Tower. (Victorian girl spies RULE!) And after that, I simply must get my hands on Lucy Christopher’s Stolen, which apparently is beyond spectacular.

5. TV squee. Six days until the Fringe Season 3 premiere!

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