Friday Favorites

Aug 19, 2011

I know this is so last week, but I finally caught up with So You Think You Can Dance a few days ago. I was very pleased with the outcome — the winning dancer was my favorite all along, for I could never quite connect to the runner up, despite his/her amazing talent and drive. (Trying not to spoil, just in case!)

Overall, a great season. The top eight show was the best set of performances I can remember.

It was fun to watch the judge’s favorite dances during the final episode. My own favorite was not included in that number, so of course I’m going to post it here. This dance may not have been the most technically brilliant or heart-tugging of the season, but it sure hit all my story buttons. (Desire, manipulation, unrequited love, etc.) Melanie is such a great actress as well as dancer, and I found Tadd convincing as the choreographer. (But did he miss the beat at the end?) I can’t help giggling over the fact that Skippy-faced sweetie Spencer Liff came up with something so darkly passionate and Black Swan-esque (as Cat noted).

[Shirley Bassey’s vocals are amazing, too. Nice mix.]

What was YOUR favorite routine of the season?

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