Flying my geek flag at DragonCon — a recap

Sep 3, 2013 |

What a weekend! Huge fan conventions like this can be very taxing for an introvert. There were times when I was torn between rage and panic at the teeming hordes, not to mention the soul-sucking heat and humidity. Fortunately, I had my best buddies with me, and I could always hide in the hotel room when things got too sweaty or overwhelming.

Highlights included:

Seeing my pals in their costumes. Above are Glenda and De as Sam and Dean from Supernatural, along with Michelle as the 5th Doctor. (Michelle had a photo op with Peter Davison, and he was quite impressed by her duds!)

Chatting and canoodling with Ioan Gruffudd (Horatio Hornblower!). SWOON. (Okay, so I paid for the photo. That doesn’t cheapen the moment one bit! Well, not much anyway. . . I also had this photo taken with Julian Sands, whom I loved as George Emerson, Percy Shelley, and more!)

Finally meeting Robin Bridges and buddying up during the “Historical and Steampunk YA” panel. (We were the token historical writers.)

Having a laugh during the “Dark Themes in YA” panel with Victoria Schwab (seen above), Jonathan Maberry, and Michelle Hodkin. I was prepared to be intimidated, but it turned out such fun! (Photo courtesy of elisquared.)

Running into this Sherlock-costumed fellow, who was appropriately aloof and even put on a decent English accent.

Question: if you were to attend a fan convention, which actor/actress would you most like to meet? Which character would you like to dress up as?

I also was fortunate to meet many fabulous YA authors (in addition to the ones listed above) at various events–many of them IN COSTUME. It was kind of like a retreat, but we didn’t even have to pretend that we were getting work done!

Two days of recovery, and then it’s the YA AdVANture Tour!!!

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