Favorite Reads of May

May 26, 2015 |

Oh, the covers for this month are delightful! I chose my favorite L.M. Montgomery cover art as a gift for you, dear reader.

The Penderwicks in Spring, the fourth in a series from Jeannie Birdsall (with whom I share an editor!) features an enormous cast of characters, but sensitive young Batty is the central focus. As usual with these books, I enjoyed a very cathartic cry toward the end. There are many parallels to Little Women, and one fraught relationship in Penderwicks prompted me to rethink my attitude toward Jo and Laurie. (I suppose it really isn’t romantic to watch a young man try to make someone love him.)

Anne of Green Gables (love this cover from the Nook edition) — this re-read launched my pre-PEI celebration of Lucy Maud Montgomery. It goes without saying that I adore Anne, and during this reading I got so tickled with some of her melodramatic sayings (“The iron has entered into my soul” or “You harrow up my very soul” — I really need to use these in conversation). After finishing the book I watched the TV adaptation, which was wonderful as ever, but I had to stop before the sad Matthew part because I didn’t think my heart could take it.

Emily of New Moon (the Virago edition) — What a delight! Perhaps even more delightful than Anne of Green Gables? The only shadow on my pleasure during this reading was the introduction of Dean Priest. He gets creepier every time I read this book. (“The happiest countries, like the happiest women, have no history.” Ugh. Is that why you start wooing them when they’re 11, Creepy Dean?)

Pat of Silver Bush (the link takes you to the Sourcebooks edition, but the cover featured above is from a French edition) — I’m pretty sure the Pat books were my mom’s favorites growing up, and I always think of her when I read them. They are probably the least dramatic of LMM’s stories, but they are so warm and cozy to read.

In case you missed it, follow the link for my thoughts on Jane of Lantern Hill (in short, WONDERFUL).

Stay tuned for my Prince Edward Island recap — coming soon!

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