Favorite Reads of March and April

Apr 30, 2015 |

“Tea and a Book” was great fun, but it will go on hiatus for a bit. In its place I’ll share a brief list of interesting reads for each month. Obviously I am playing catch-up with a two month report, but it’s still rather short. (which distresses me!)

How to Be a Victorian: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Victorian Life, by Ruth Goodman. A wonderful resource for reenactors or writers of historical fiction, this book is written in such an engaging way that anyone with a passing interest in the period would find it a fascinating read. Goodman is a reenactor who has participated in the BBC’s Victorian Farm and Victorian Pharmacy. Learn more by reading this New York Times review.

August Folly, by Angela Thirkell. I’ve been devouring every Thirkell novel I can get my hands on, and this one seemed quite promising with its “village puts on a Greek play” premise. Though it had a slow start with characters behaving in tedious ways, soon enough the humor broke through and interesting things began to happen. Not my favorite Thirkell, but still quite good.

Impossible, by Nancy Werlin. I’m not usually one for fairy stories, but this clever tale inspired by Scarborough Fair makes an outlandish situation very gripping with its deft characterization. Highly recommended!

The Mirk and Midnight Hour, by Jane Nickerson. A unique and atmospheric Southern Gothic inspired by the Ballad of Tam Lin. I’ve never read anything quite like this book, and I look forward to more from Nickerson.

These were my favorites from the last couple of months — I sincerely hope to ramp up my reading in May. Any recommendations?

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