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Feb 28, 2011

This past weekend, basically one day after returning from Paris, I joined my crit buddies on a road trip to Texas for the DFW Writers’ Conference.

Our “paparazzi” photo — Brandi, Lisa and me. There’s a hero journey photo on Lisa’s camera, but I wasn’t patient enough to wait for it before posting this recap!

Conference highlights:

Colleen Lindsay explaining high concept (& saying yay or nay to the audience examples — very helpful)

Rusty Shelton sharing tips on building our digital platform

Candy Havens heroically stepping in for Rosemary Clement-Moore (hope you’re all better now, Rosemary!) to tell us about the YA hero journey.

Kristen Lamb giving us a wakeup call about blogging your brand.

— Meeting Jim McCarthy of Dystel and Goderich. I’d heard from Jessica Spotswood, Saundra Mitchell, and Carrie Ryan how wonderful he is, and I must agree that he is a total charmer. I just wish I could find his theater blog because I want to follow it!

— Meeting other YA authors — so many cool people!

— Hanging out with my writing buddies, Brandi Barnett and Lisa Marotta, laughing, brainstorming, and experiencing various revelations. I am very inspired to get back to work after all my travels.

Now, looking ahead . . .

Coming up this week on the blog: recap of my girly trip to Paris. There will be TEA and FRENCH SOLDIERS, plus much more.

Next week on the blog: a giveaway of my only remaining ARC for The Revenant + other amazing books and fantastic swag.

Stay tuned!

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