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A view of the Camera

I love seeing the dome of the Radcliffe Camera when walking through the Deer Park and Old Quad of Brasenose College, but this is the first time it’s seemed like a face peering over the wall — am I the only one who thinks this face vaguely resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?

Yesterday was rather cold and wet, but today the sun is shining. I’m looking forward to dinner at The Trout with the Oklahoma alums who currently are enjoying the Oxford Experience, but first I really need to get serious about the work I brought with me . . .

Or maybe I’ll take a walk with Steve. It’s just too gorgeous outside!

Postcards from the City of Dreaming Spires

We’re back in Oxford!

I want to do a better job of keeping in touch while we’re here, and therefore my goal will be to post at least four photos a week. Virtual postcards, you might say. And I’ll start with the above — a view from our evening walk through Christ Church meadow (enhanced with the “blue pill” filter from Camera Awesome).

More to come . . .

Settling in

Re-entry has been a challenge, but now that I’ve been home for a week, my brain seems to be making more of an effort.

Before I left Oxford, one of the students — who’d endured A LOT of talk about my cat — asked me if I’d seen this video:

Hee! I’m happy to report that Cedric was quite calm when we returned (thanks to our ace housesitter), but also very pleased to see us. It took him hardly any time at all to curl up in my lap, as you can see:

Another nice thing about coming home ? Receiving a finished copy of The Dark Between in the mail! (No books were harmed in the taking of these photos, I promise.)

I’ve always loved the cover, but the aqua spine and back add such a wonderful punch of color, don’t you think?

The book releases in 15 days! Please stay tuned for more GIVEAWAYS. 🙂

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Final Oxford 2013 post

We leave Sunday, so now it’s the mad dash to settle accounts, pack, and say goodbyes.


And yet, I am so EXCITED to be home after 7 weeks away! My kitty, my house, my TV, my bed, my quiet work space, my AIR CONDITIONING — I yearn for them all.

So . . . I’ll sum up the last couple of weeks quickly.

Weekend before last we went to Cheltenham! Or near it, at least. Here we are at the highest point in the Cotswolds. Too bad a piece of my hair blew into Steve’s face — any photoshop whizzes out there know how to delete that renegade strand? Anyway, we spent the weekend hiking about, eating good food, and even visiting a castle with friends Liesa (who also taught in the OU law summer program), Becky (who worked at the front end to get the program going), and Liesa’s daughter JK (who adds class and charm to every endeavor).

Couldn’t leave Cheltenham without visiting the famous racecourse, which you can sorta see at the right.

We returned to Oxford to find our friends Bede, Leigh, DeAnne, Kevin, Glenda, and Brandon nicely settled at Keble College. Frolicking commenced, including a day out punting the Cherwell. (Bede’s friend Dominic is managing the pole in this photo.)

We also:
— climbed the tower at St. Mary’s Church
— visited every pub in Oxford (well, Leigh did, anyway)
— had a fancy tea at the Old Parsonage
— ate delicious Indian food in Jericho
— got rained out during a Saturday evening performance of Merry Wives of Windsor (but four of us went back later and enjoyed the entire play muchly — one of the best Shakespeare performances I’ve ever seen)
— ate delicious Italian food in Summertown, and . . .

walked through Port Meadow to have a Sunday roast at The Trout Inn. Above you can see us at the ruins of Godstow Abbey before our walk back to Oxford.

And finally, since I can’t help taunting you with tea photos, here is Caroline, Brasenose’s lovely conference manager, admiring the tea tray at the Old Parsonage. After enjoying the “very high” tea earlier with the gang, I had to coax Caroline and her officemate Denise to come out for the same tea experience. We were severely harrassed by wasps, but otherwise it was a lovely afternoon.

I could share a million more photos, but nobody has patience for all that, so maybe I’ll put them on Flickr one of these days?

Now, back to packing . . . hope to see you soon!

P.S. I have a book coming out IN LESS THAN A MONTH. Eeeek!