Friday Favorites: Afternoon Tea in Philadelphia

Every January my husband has a meeting in Philadelphia, and I join him when I can. This time I was intent on having tea in the Mary Cassatt Tea Room at the Rittenhouse Hotel, and I was thoroughly delighted when Steve said he’d like to join me. We booked for Wednesday on the afternoon of our arrival and were one of only three couples seated that day, which meant we could take our time and chat with the server.

The tea menu was fairly extensive, and Steve was happy to let me choose. I picked the Organic Lychee Green for our savory course, and the Organic Assam for the sweets.

We each were offered a “trio” of scones with strawberry jam, Devonshire cream, and lemon curd, but for the life of me I can’t remember the scone flavors. We were relieved that they were rather small, because there was so much more to come…

The sandwiches were delectable. Above you see (from bottom and moving clockwise) egg salad with caviar & creme fraiche, carrot with hummus, avocado with prosciutto and onion jam, crab & jicama (Not sure what that was exactly, but I ate it!), smoked turkey with mustard and gruyere, and smoked salmon with cream cheese–very tasty little bites that didn’t overwhelm us.

We finished up with the sweets, which included white chocolate mousse (at the top), panna cotta with chai & pears, a hazelnut & almond opera cake, profiterole with orange and ginger, and a cheese tart.

This midweek tea was quite delectable and relaxing! Keep in mind that on weekends the tea room fills up (so book early) AND there’s a harpist for your listening pleasure. 😀

Stay tuned for a recap of my Indie Bookstore Tour of Philadelphia…

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Afternoon Tea in Philadelphia

    1. SoniaG Post author

      The sandwiches were delicious and not run-of-the-mill by any means. I really need to up my game with tea savories — for me they are the hardest part of preparing an afternoon tea!

  1. Michelle Lunsford

    All the edibles look very yummy! Glad you were able to visit this tea spot that has been on your list.

    1. SoniaG Post author

      Slowly but surely I make my way through the tea rooms of America! But it strikes me that I don’t often find a cozy tea — at least not at fancy American hotels. I know how I’d define a cozy tea in England, but is it different in the U.S. where we don’t really have the same obsession with cream teas? The Tea Cellar in Cedar Falls, IA, was the coziest I’ve experienced lately.

      I’m going to noodle around with this notion of Cozy American teas… could be an entirely different category of blog posts.


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