Beach or Forest?

Nov 7, 2011

Steve travels a lot for work, and now that I have this full-time author gig (fingers crossed it lasts), I like to join him as much as possible. This past week we visited two very different places.

The first was Palm Beach, Florida. This view was steps away from the back entrance of the hotel.

Here you see the private beach. Can you also see the red flags near the center of the photo? (Click to enlarge) No swimming allowed that day. Too windy, I guess?

On the whole, I’ve decided I’m not a big fan of beaches or beach resorts. I’m actually rather repelled by the idea of reclining in a beach chair and baking in the sun all day. Walking along the shore is another matter, but at this location it just wasn’t possible. I prefer a rocky Cornish beach or something like Half Moon Bay in early spring. Cool humidity and dramatic scenery (sans palm trees) for me, please.

We returned from Florida very late on Wednesday and left the next day for Fayetteville, Arkansas. Now this was more my style! Northwest Arkansas is gorgeous in the fall. The morning after Steve gave his talk at the U of A law school, we went in search of a park where we could get up close and personal with the fall foliage.

Devil’s Den State Park fit the bill perfectly. If you know me at all, you know how much I love a wooded walk. If only I could bottle the true scent of a forest — it’s so lovely.

I long for color like this in central Oklahoma.

On our way back to the interstate I made Steve pull over so I could take this photo.

So how about you? Beach or forest?

P.S. Yes, we did have a 5.6 earthquake Saturday night. Very freaky, but our house seems to have held up okay. I had to laugh when I saw the footage of Kirk Herbstreit doing his College Gameday reporting from the OSU campus. Gotta love those bug eyes as the quake hits.

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