Aug 19, 2010

Three books are on their way to me from three different places. I’m dying to read each one and am in UTTER SUSPENSE over which will arrive first:

Mockingjay — MUST read this one before I get spoiled on Twitter! 🙂 (Team Peeta, baby!)

Started Early, Took My Dog — I’ve been waiting SO LONG for the next Jackson Brodie book. Couldn’t wait for the US release, so ordered it from the UK. (Atkinson took the title from one of my very favorite Dickinson poems, which seems a good omen.)

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — not a new book, but lots of buzz lately due to the casting of the Hollywood film adaptation. This one’s on its way from my editor.

And this morning, Brontë Blog brought this book to my attention — A Taste of Sorrow (or Charlotte and Emily: A Novel of the Brontës, as it is known in the States). I’m sure the blog has mentioned it before, but this was the first time I noticed Juliet Barker’s endorsement. Eeeee! And this one’s available at my local bookstore — but do I dare start it when I’m waiting for the others?

What books are you dying to get your hands on?

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