A tea for August

Aug 19, 2013 |

Haven’t done a tea post in a while!

When we were in Lucerne, Switzerland, we spent some time in this lovely shop. After poking about and sniffing lots of lovely teas, I chose . . .

A black tea from Indonesia! This Taloon has the characteristic reddish tint of an Assam, but to me it tastes more delicate and requires little, if any, sugar (depending on your tastes). L’art du thé has a website . . . in German. I did find a few U.S. companies that sell Taloon, including Tea Fountain.

I enjoy the Taloon in the afternoon, and it pairs nicely with banana bread and fruit.

For your further enjoyment, I also offer a video. You might call this Tea Horror! (Or Tea Humor?) I’ve enjoyed Charlie McDonnell‘s vlogs for a while now, but this is his first actual film. I guess he’s all grown up now (he, or his character, at least, lives in an apartment? has a girlfriend?), but he still seems about 12 to me.

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