GHOSTLIGHT release date, pre-order details, and COVER!

So . . . I have a release date for my next book: August 4, 2015

And now I get to share the cover with you…

Click photo to enlarge!

What is Ghostlight about? Well, we don’t have final flap copy yet, but my own “Hollywood Pitch” would be:

Super 8 meets The Haunting.

If that doesn’t resonate for you (as it wouldn’t for most 12-year-olds), I would say that it’s a story of three kids who are making a ghost movie in a derelict mansion — a sad shell of a home that’s harbored dark secrets for decades. Hijinks and spookiness ensue!

The book is already up for pre-order at these vendors (currently with a crap version of the cover, alas):

Did you know that pre-orders are LOVE? Lisa Schroeder explains it here.

I’m so excited about this book and can’t wait to share it with you!

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