Favorite novels read in 2017

I only read 48 novels in 2017. Not a terrible total, but I can do better. I may never again equal the years when I read 100+ books, but I aim to improve in 2018.

Here are my favorites. (I purposefully didn’t include books from my Miss Marple re-read since I already discussed them at length here.)

Listed in the order that I read them:

Keturah and Lord Death (2006), by Martine Leavitt–a thoughtful and deeply romantic YA fairy tale.
Cluny Brown (1944), by Margery Sharp–a quirky romance with an endearing heroine. (I discussed it in more detail here.)
The Poet’s Dog (2016), by Patricia MacLachlan–a delightful and very affecting MG tale of love and grief.

A Woman of Independent Means (1978), by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey–an absorbing epistolary novel covering 60 years in the life of a very plucky lady.
Mariana (1940), by Monica Dickens–a captivating bildungsroman set during the 30s that might appeal to fans of I Capture the Castle. (And yes, the author was the great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens.)
The Rector’s Daughter (1924), by F.M. Mayor–a quiet and somewhat melancholy character study, but oh how I loved it!

Their Finest Hour and a Half (2009), by Lissa Evans–a funny and poignant treat for those who love stories about WWII London and/or creative folk. (The film adaptation is pretty good, too.)
The French Lieutenant’s Woman (1969), by John Fowles–a glorious re-read.
The War I Finally Won (2017), by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley–A captivating sequel to the bestselling and award-winning MG novel, The War that Saved My Life.

Some other “Favorite Reads of 2017” lists that I found intriguing:
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Do you have a favorite read of 2017 to recommend? Or a list I can link to? Do share!

7 thoughts on “Favorite novels read in 2017

  1. Michelle Lunsford

    I think for me 2017 was more about discovering new authors with whom I fell in love rather than specific books. Those authors include Melissa Tagg (particularly her Walker Family series, in which I came to adore the fictional town as much as any of her characters), Pepper D. Basham (her books “The Thornkeeper” and “Charming the Troublemaker” were among my favorites), and Kara Isaac (especially “Can’t Help Falling”).

    In the realm of non-fiction, I very much enjoyed “Finding Spiritual Whitespace” by Bonnie Gray.

    1. SoniaG Post author

      I’m glad you noted those titles here for my reference! You’ve mentioned them before, but I inevitably lose track. (I did get a kick out of Can’t Help Falling!) That NF by Bonnie Gray looks intriguing.

    1. SoniaG Post author

      Add The War I Finally Won to your TBR list immediately! You won’t be disappointed.

      And cool blog, Claudia–I’ve added it to the blog roll in my sidebar. 😀

    1. SoniaG Post author

      Happy reading to you, too! I tried to comment on your “Best of” list but had frustrating technical difficulties. So happy to see there’s an Eowyn Ivey book I haven’t read (loved Snow Child), and I’m a rabid fan of Penelope Lively! I thought Moon Tiger was pretty fantastic, but it’s her children’s fiction that I read over and over.

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